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Launched in January 2017, culturised is an online arts platform which aims to combine intellectually provocative essays with up-to-date event information about cultural events that are either in, or accessible from London. We believe there are enough reviews in this world, so our events coverage takes the form of pieces that are both reflective and descriptive. We have chosen this style so that our readers can make up their own minds. culturised aspires to be an inclusive space that encourages people to engage with the current cultural scene, rather than prescribes that they do so.

Alongside our events coverage, we publish longer pieces that fall into a category we have termed “Alternative Academia”. We encourage writers to produce in-depth analyses of subjects that are often deemed unworthy of academic institutions, and by doing so to make academic writing more engaging both to read and to write. The real inspiration for culturised came when we (Max and Alex, co-founders of the site) created a lecture series during our time as undergraduates at the University of York in which academics could give lectures on their “guilty pleasure”. This resulted in packed-out academic lectures on topics ranging from Monty Python to Godzilla. Our endeavour is to promote and celebrate interesting academic work about the wacky, weird, and wonderful; crossing disciplines and time periods. Stemming from passion for the arts and humanities, we seek to publish accessible work for everyone to enjoy.


Max Adams and Alex Hackitt-Anwyl (co-founders of culturised) met at the University of York where Max was studying for an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Alex in English and History. Both went on to pursue masters degrees, Max as a Modernist and Alex as a Medievalist. While their time periods are vastly different, both have a wide knowledge and passion for all things cultural. The writing team at culturised is diverse, covering all disciplines, and our ethos of openness and accessibility is behind everything we do.

We are always looking for writers to join our team. If you are interested we would love to hear from you. Drop us an email at [email protected].

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