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Morality and Taxidermy in Art: Between the Monstrous and the Beautiful

In recent years taxidermy has become popular as an art medium. Artists like Damien Hirst, Polly Morgan, Enrique Gomez de Molina, and Sarina Brewer have started exploring the artistic potentials in the practice of mounting animal skins. Some recent taxidermy art presents itself as Art (with a capital A), busily establishing itself as a serious artistic medium. One example of this direction in is Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang’s Head On (2006), where 99 wolves leap through air only to smash into a glass wall. There is no mistaking that for...

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Disobedient Bodies at The Hepworth Wakefield

JW Anderson, the fashion designer, has curated the first in a series of collaborations between The Hepworth Wakefield and individuals in other disciplines outside of traditional visual art. Anderson has taken a number of items from The Hepworth’s permanent collection; in this way he has given 1920s sculpture new, very modern interpretations by placing them in relation to clothing from designers such as Christian Dior, Issey Miyake and Jean Paul Gaultier, along with items from craft and design from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries....

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Carolee Schneemann’s ‘More Wrong Things’ at the Hales Gallery

Carolee Schneemann’s second solo exhibition at the Hales Gallery is confined yet intensely thought-provoking. Not an exhibition for the faint-hearted, in More Wrong Things, Schneemann explores the brutality of conflict, grief, and the universality of suffering. Bringing together a central video installation, a selection of untitled paintings, and photography, Schneemann explores issues such as the desolation wrought by the invasion of Lebanon in 1982, the collapse of the World Trade Centre in 2001, and other – both worldwide and personal –...

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‘You Are Looking at Something That Never Occurred’ at the Zabludowicz Collection

  “Life is not about significant details, illuminated by a flash, fixed forever. Photographs are.” – Susan Sontag.[1]   The current exhibition at the Zabludowicz Collection in London brings together the work of photographic artists spanning the last 40 years to trace “how artists have used the camera to blur boundaries between past and present, fact and fiction”.[2] Housed in a striking Grade II listed former Methodist chapel, Paul Luckraft has carefully curated the work of 14 international artists, drawn exclusively from the...

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Vuitton and Da Vinci: The Changing Boundaries Between Fashion and Art

While both fashion and art work primarily within the aesthetic world, fashion’s material and commercial nature seems to have discouraged a wider audience from acknowledging it in the same plane as high art. The tide appears to be turning on this opinion in recent years however, and it seems that now is a good time to be asking the question: what relationship does fashion have with art? Last month, Masters, an accessory based collaboration with Louis Vuitton and Jeff Koons, was celebrated with a launch party at the Louvre, arguably the...

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Unrealised Ambition: ‘Imagine Moscow: Architecture, Propaganda, Revolution’ at the Design Museum

As a devotee of Soviet art in 2017, one is currently spoiled for choice in a sea of centenary exhibitions dedicated to contextualising the early years of  upheaval that followed the Russian revolution. The Design Museum’s current exhibition, Imagine Moscow: Architecture, Propaganda, Revolution offers a distinct study of architectural utopianism during the initial years of Soviet communism. The compactness of this exhibition relative to, for example, the larger project recently undertaken by the Royal Academy (about which you can read...

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Rejecting the High Street: Lydia Higginson’s ‘Made My Wardrobe’

As Yves Saint Laurent once said, “fashion fades, but style is eternal.”[1] In this age of live-streamed shows at London Fashion Week and apps that tell you where your favourite fashionistas shop so you can buy buy buy quick quick quick, this saying feels more appropriate than ever. Fluffy slides and appliqué denim will soon be lining the bins of next year: disposable clothing is firmly en vogue. Yet, amongst all the aforementioned Insta style, I found the anathema to this consumer culture in the form of a blog called Made My Wardrobe. Written...

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Mysteries of the Deep: ‘Jean Painlevé’ at the Ikon Gallery

Jean Painlevé, a visionary filmmaker renowned for being one of the first people to begin to capture, and attempt to understand, life in the depths of the world’s oceans through visual images. Active between 1927 and 1978, Painlevé was driven by an abundant fascination with underwater fauna and the ecology of the ocean, his films are an attempt to understand the warped and confusing peculiarities of a world beneath the surface of the waves, but also how this peculiar world shares some similarities with our own. Currently on display in...

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‘Revolution: Russian Art 1917 – 1932’ at the Royal Academy

In celebration of the centenary of the October Revolution, in which the Bolsheviks swept to power and ended the autocratic rule of the Tsars overnight, the Royal Academy are hosting Revolution: Russian Art 1917 – 1932. This exhibition presents the variety and vibrancy of early Soviet art across this period ending in 1932, which at first appears a little arbitrary, but in fact has been chose to mirror the centenary of Fifteen Years of Artists of the Russian Soviet Republic, originally exhibited in November 1932 at the State Russian...

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The Performance of Culture: Ebony G Patterson, Thomas J Price and Zadie Xa at the Hales Gallery

The current group exhibition at Hales Gallery explores questions of cultural identity: a topic which feels particularly pertinent when considering that the show opened the day following Theresa May’s triggering of Article 50 and the start of the UK’s exit process from the EU. The three artists included – Ebony G Patterson, Thomas J Price and Zadie Xa – meditate on the notion of cultural identity, posing questions that centre around how we form our perceptions of identity in the modern world. Working with a diverse range of visual and...

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